new server - Adventures, ponderings and day-to-day of Cheryl! Tisland - Part 5

Thinkpad Fan Replacement

Just replaced my fan on another Thinkpad.  This time in under 30 minutes.  I am getting good at it, but am hoping I won’t have to do it again for a LONG time.

I definitely am grateful for the instructions I used each time from

A Duck In Our Yard

Lucas spotted this duck in our yard this morning when he was having breakfast.  Mom took the photo.  Cool, huh?

Island Install (finally)

Now that the electric is run in the slab and the island cabinet arrived and the top to the island created by the counter top guy (Valley Renovations), we finally were able to get it put all together and have a nice island in our kitchen with an electric outlet.  Woo Hoo!!  It is another one of those pivotal moments for sure!

Cutting Into Slab For Island Electric

My electrician arrived today to cut a valley in the concrete slab in the kitchen for the electric to the island that we will be installing next week.  It was quite loud and quite dusty!!

Easter 2011

We had a wonderful Easter day cooking, eating, drinking and being together!  Lucas made a fantastic dessert and all of the food was spectacular.

Butterfly Exhibit @ Phoenix Botanical Gardens

Risa, Jeff, Mom, Lucas and I all spent the day that the Botanical Gardens in Phoenix.  The exhibit for this month is the Butterfly Exhibit and that was super cool.  Butterflies flew around everywhere and even landed on us.  The colors were amazing.  Afterward, we walked around the rest of the gardens and you know Mom and I were thinking of all of the cool things we wanted to do in our backyard.  So, of course, we took a ton of photos.  It was a nice family day for sure.

Indiana / Chicago Trip

I was sent on a business trip to a small town called Winamac, Indiana.  I flew into Chicago and drove to Winamac and spent a few days there.

While there, I saw the most awesome old buildings with the kind of architecture that I love.  I took a photo of the courthouse.

After my time in Indiana, I was able to spend an extra night in Chicago and spend some time with my wonderful friends Christine and Blake.  We had a nice dinner and laughs.

Great Room Ceiling Lights

Finally, the ceiling is ready for lights.  We have been living with wires hanging out of the ceiling for many months now as we get everything with the ceiling ready and it has been quite a long journey.

I think the lights and fan all turned out wonderful.  I also spray painted the vents a nice dark gray for a more sophisticated look.

Chandler Ostrich Festival

Mom, Lucas, Risa, Jeff, Greg and I all went to the annual ostrich festival today and it was quite fun.  The ostrich burgers are the best!

New Kitchen Patio Door

Today was such a pivotal point in the home renovations!  I hated that awful old door that came with our house.  It was not energy efficient and it was ugly not to mention the fact that it opened inward and conflicted with the dishwasher.  Today we got a new door that opens outward with the blinds between the glass and it just feels sophisticated!!  Mike and Keri and Brian came over to install it for us.

We just keep staring at it in awe and complete happiness!

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